May 09, 2011

off-grid weekend

off grid party weekend camp 

we spent the weekend at our off grid place in wimberley, two nights, with friends.  this was the first time we'd stayed more than a single night and we were double the people.  I was happy that we never ran the batteries down and the composting toilet/bathroom seemed to take the extra load in stride. 

off-grid pillow fight

the kids were able to entertain themselves with no electronic assistance.  they played games, played with sticks and rocks and we even saw a spontaneous pillow fight erupt. 

view from top of mount baldy wimberley

climbed to the top of mount baldy.

inoz wimberley deck

had lunch at inoz.  the restaurant was completely unprepared for the crowd that came with it being a market days weekend.  we adjusted our plans and everybody was happy. 

straw fail

he got a bit wet with his unconventional straw method (note water pouring down his front).  it was no big deal as our next stop was the blanco river, right up the street from the restaurant.

blanco river wimberley

larger version here

blanco river wimberley

blanco river rats of wimberley

we observed a mermaid (just over kat's left shoulder) climb out of the water to bask on a boulder.

wimberley blanco river mermaid

paul schuster and wife kat

more off-grid party people arrive

and we had a third family join us saturday eve.  additional celebration was entirely justified.

cucumber cilantro rum cocktail

the mason jar was a cilantro cucumber mixture that mixed with rum.  it was herby for sure. 

off-grid girls club

smoked pork butt sandwiches for dinner. 

wimberley donut

wimberley donut feeding frenzy for breakfast.

ostrich boy

you'd think this was some interrogation method.  but the boys seem to do that way more than necessary. 

wimberley bike gang

we started each morning with a group bike ride. 

brunch at kate's place wimberley

it was mother's day.  tradition dictates a nice brunch.  we obliged.  and we were once again rewarded with good food, friends and beverages. 

mother's day at kate's place wimberley

kids enjoyed root beer. 

 happy mother's day brunch at kate's place

ultimate bac and cheese at kate's place wimberley

kate's place issued a good "ultimate mac and cheese" and a fantastic quiche (below)

quiche at kate's place wimberley

later that day, after a good swim at home.  more mother's day feasting.

mother's day dinner at bistro88

took my mom (not pictured) to bistro88, a fancy asian place.

bistro 88 austin

food was good too!

dessert at bistro 88

the dessert was quickly dispatched by the hungry crew.

spoons posed to attack dessert at bistro 88

it was one more amazing weekend I won't soon forget.

mermaid in blanco river, wimberley texas