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November 16, 2009

hard on the side

I stumbled on a stack of hardie cement board siding at the local big blue box home project store.  it had been the returned portion of a special order.  normally priced at $12 per board I purchased 17 boards for $50!  kat primed them all.

I applied the last few pieces of solar sheathing (foil faced OSB).  we were moving a bit slow as we had stayed up late with friends.  I will say that if a friend offers you the chance to enjoy a bottle of 2001 shafer cabernet...  take it!  one of the best wines we've had this year.


I call this color, sweat equity gray.

kat enjoyed a Jackson Pollock moment.


we felt good having a large portion of the siding up and mostly dried in.  met our goals for the day, we did. 

construction is starting on the five acres next door to our land in wimberley.  a bobcat was clearing the property line for a power pole.  a big oak had to be removed in the process, but now our driveway is much wider.  they had planned to burn the oak along with all the cedar.  bobcat operator (danny davis) offered to put it on a clearing on our land so I can cut it up for firewood.  the orange flag marks the location of the new power pole that we have no intention of connecting to. 

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November 09, 2009

walls went up and the rain came down...

eco cube at wimberley

we have walls and Structall SIP panel roof up!  not quite dried in as I had hoped to be, but almost there with most technical issues resolved. 

the sliding glass door came unassembled and without instructions.  a lot of hair pulling until it was suddenly obvious how it went together.  then it was a matter of minutes till it was was in and operating.

found him sucking in the city water supply inlet on the airstream.  the cover is somewhat nipple shaped.


fantastic sunset.

we spent some time exploring wimberley restaurants.

bring your own bottle of wine to Linda's.  food was good and VERY affordable

Marco hand tosses all the pizza his wife made the tiramisu, also BYOB

wimberley cafe

great breakfasts at the wimberley cafe.

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